About Us

International Bread Winners also known as (IBW) is a 21st Century NGO which is aimed at changing the lives of the financially marginalized, through network and Charity Work. At IBW we believe that every person is born a Breadwinner; by virtue of their pursuit for financial stability and freedom to network to build better communities. As a network marketing organization our main agenda is to effect change and encourage positive change through charity work in our communities. As IBW we acknowledge that the 21st century dynamics have created a gap between different livelihood classes which means most communities are left behind while the rest experience unlimited financial freedom.

In IBW we also appreciate that financial investment has always traditionally been exclusively reserved for the few because of the cost. IBW as a result we encourage an investment of $5 in our matrix which has may benefits from Properties, Cars to Cash, for those whom invested. In our objective of changing communities, we are committed to doing charity work in under-privileged communities where our User Partners reside. Our Biggest Goal as an organization is to have communities which are enlightened and financially empowerment. We are dedicated to opening branches which will be focused on doing charity work domestically, regionally to reaching the entire globe.


We are an NGO which seeks to assist the financially marginalized through network marketing model in order to find our humanitarian agendas.


As an NGO we have found out that the current finding models from international donors is saturated as a result most charity work cannot be done in less developed communities. As a result we have provided a new way of finding charity projects through network finding from participants in our network marketing circuit.


We provide an innovative financial generating network for individuals who seek alternative ways of uplifting their lives.


Our main objective as an NGO is not to compete with other NGO or established networking organization or companies.

Our Vision

  • To empower the less-privileged by teaching them and providing innovative income generating solutions in the 21st century.
  • To support and encourage team building, among communities which are led by young people through charity work.
  • To foster the spirit of financial literacy among our User Partners through workshops.
  • To ensure that all our stake-holders benefit from all our innovative initiatives.